The Forward Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to fighting for human equality and animal rights, and empowering communities in the United States and around the globe. The Forward Foundation works together with businesses, governments, organizations and individuals in an effort to create a better world and a brighter future for all.

Every human deserves a life of dignity, respect and equal opportunity. The Forward Foundation funds projects that ensure all people live without fear of bias, prejudice, violence or discrimination.

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In our modern, connected world, creating positive change requires a global view. The Forward Foundation creates sustainable, impactful changes to improve livelihoods around the world.

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All creatures should have a life without abuse or neglect. The Forward Foundation is passionate about advancing animal welfare through projects that improve the lives of animals large and small.

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Improving the lives of others begins here at home. The Forward Foundation partners with dedicated charities and organizations to fund causes that impact communities throughout the United States.

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Read about the latest stories, research, and initiatives from the foundation.

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Effecting the change needed to dramatically improve lives means looking beyond traditional approaches to philanthropy. The Forward Foundation sees strategic investments, a form of impact investing, as a critical piece of the puzzle—especially when paired with the work of the foundation’s colleagues and partners to support projects in the United States and around the world.
If you have an idea for a project, initiative, potential partnership or to learn more about how you can support the foundation, please reach out using the links below.

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