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According to the Human Rights Campaign, in 2023 alone, over 520 bills have been introduced in 11 states to attack the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. 70 of these bills have already been passed into law. We must stand up and take a firm stance against such legislation, advocating inclusive policies that uphold the basic human rights of all individuals to form families and live their lives authentically.

Our collective efforts to combat such threats to human equality are essential to building a more just world.

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Family Equality is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that has spent over four decades creating a world where everyone can experience family. Originally founded in 1979 as the Gay Father’s Coalition at the National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights by gay fathers who left their marriages to follow their truth. In turn, they were denied access and privileges to their children.

The Founders of Family Equality never imagined the growth of the LGBTQ+ and their families, in a world where people can intentionally form their own families. Family Equality will continue to be outspoken changemakers through advocacy, community, and education, where everyone can experience unconditional love, safety, and belonging in family.

The Forward Foundation supports Family Equality because it is a powerful nonprofit that has a huge impact.

Here are a few ways that they help:


Advocacy, Policy Work, & Legal Resources

Family Equality advocates for policies and legislation that protect and support LGBTQ+ families and work alongside local, state, and federal levels to help protect against discrimination, as well as, legal resources for families and parents that may encounter legal challenges based on their gender or sexual orientation.

Family Support

Family Equality offers resources and guidance to help parents, prospective parents, and foster parents, while also offering workshops and community outreach. They believe in connecting parents and children with others who share similar experiences.

Educational Outreach & Mental Health

Family equality conducts educational initiatives to increase awareness and understanding, providing resources for education and healthcare professionals. They offer resources and support to help families navigate the unique challenges they may encounter, including issues related to stigma and discrimination. They also provide resources for youths and teens to help them navigate their identities.

Research & Data Collection

Family Equality conducts research and collects data to better understand the needs and challenges faced by LGBTQ+ families that helps policymakers make informed decisions.

Professional Development

Family Equality offers development and training opportunities for professionals that work with LGBTQ+ families, such as, social workers, healthcare professionals, educators, etc.

Family equality is a fundamental human right that must be fiercely protected in the face of dangerous and oppressive legislation that threatens the very essence of our society. The urgency of this work cannot be overstated.

Robin LallyPresident of the Forward Foundation

Every individual, regardless of their background, deserves the same legal protections and opportunities to create a loving and stable family environment. Discriminatory laws not only infringe upon the rights of LGBTQ+ families, single parents, or those of different cultural backgrounds but also erode the principles of equality and justice upon which our societies are built.

The Forward Foundation supports the mission of Family Equality and the freedom and equality that comes with building loving families and breaking barriers. Freedom is equality.

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