Forward Foundation Global Community - Illustration

In our modern, constantly connected world, creating positive change in communities around the globe impacts us right at home. The Forward Foundation funds projects and initiatives to support impactful innovations that improve the livelihoods of our neighbors near and far.

Solar Training and Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship Centre Moving Power Grid to Eswatini - Photograph

Solar Energy Project

A grant from the Forward Foundation is being used to build a renewable energy training program and facility in Eswatini, Africa. The solar energy program is educating a new generation on how to create a sustainable energy source for the future.

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Children Gather To Drink From Heather Farr Solar Powered Well - Photograph

A Deeper Legacy

Water is life, yet many go without. The Forward Foundation has teamed up with Rise Relief Inc. to honor Heather Farr’s legacy by providing clean drinking water through solar-powered water wells in rural West Africa.

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Pasture Valley Children Missions Cow Standing Outside - Photograph

Farm Animal Initiative

In a region of Africa where the need is great, the resources are insufficient, and many die of starvation, the Forward Foundation is funding a new farm animal initiative. The project raises up families and improves the community by providing resources, education and creating tools for self-sufficiency.

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Pastor Valley Tractor - Photograph

Plowing into the Future

As millions go hungry and many are fighting to simply survive, local and regional farming programs are crucial for keeping families alive and helping communities thrive. Click the link below to learn more about how the Forward Foundation is supporting a farm-to-table initiative with a lasting, widespread impact.

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Eswatini Church Under Construction - Photograph

Building Community with a New Church

After spending years hosting worship services and community events in the hot African sun, a new church building is finally underway, thanks to ongoing grant funding from the Forward Foundation. The church building will not only serve as a place to worship, but as a safe space to gather, host community events, receive services, and so much more.

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