Handicapable Ministries

St. Paul’s Handicapable Ministries is a large and inclusive ministry that fosters a sense of belonging, empowerment, and spiritual growth for adults with developmental disabilities, including Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, paralysis, and more. Handicapable Ministries, which serves over 300 adults each week, in person and more online, believes that an empowered spiritual experience is strongly enhanced by building a sense of community. In addition to providing weekly church services, the ministry is heavily involved in providing social events and opportunities for the members of its congregation.

The Forward Foundation is deeply compassionate about providing hope and support for individuals with disabilities and their families within the community and truly embodies the essence of love, care, and solidarity in its tireless pursuit of creating a more inclusive and compassionate world for all.

Organizations that support social connections for adults with disabilities are badly needed in every community. Handicapable Ministries puts inclusion first and The Forward Foundation strongly supports this initiative.

Robin LallyPresident of the Forward Foundation

Throughout the year, Handicapable hosts various special events and opportunities for members and friends to have fun together! Activities include theme parties, baseball games, craft nights, retreats, and everyone’s favorite annual karaoke and talent nights! Members and non-members are welcome. Members also have the chance to serve by taking part in mission projects.

Handicapable Ministries partners with Help Us Gather (HUG) to advocate for inclusion and create fun local events for people with disabilities. HUG’s annual Beyond Incredible event, a glamerous evening designed to provide individuals with disabilities the opportunity to experience a catered, black-tie gala event, is held at Handicapable Ministries each year. The events hosts 150 guests with disabilities.

Handicapable Ministries