Pay It Forward Grant: STREEC

The Forward Foundation is proud to award the Pay It Forward Grant to the Solar Training and Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship Centre on behalf of Black American Engineering Scholarship Award mentor Mike Lally.

Mike Lally Mentor - Photograph

Mike Lally donates his time and talent as a mentor to The Forward Foundation’s Black American Engineering Scholarship Award. This program combines scholarship with mentorship to increase racial equity in the field of engineering by funding students with scholarships and providing them with professional mentors to assist them in their challenging university programs.

The Pay It Forward Mentorship Grant is a way to show gratitude for individuals like Mr. Lally, who mentor the students in the Black American Engineering Scholarship program. Annually, each mentor is awarded a $2,500 grant from The Forward Foundation and is provided with the opportunity to direct the grant in their name to a public charity or educational institution of their choice.

The Solar Training and Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship Centre (STREEC), a renewable energy training program and facility in Eswatini, Africa, is dedicated to educating a new generation on how to create a sustainable energy source for the future.

Pasture Valley Children Missions launched the program in 2021, introducing students to solar energy not just as a means of employment but also as a way to revolutionize their communities. The program educates on how renewable energy works by showing students how to build, install and maintain solar panels, creating a sustainable power source for years to come. You can read more about the program and its impact here.

The Pay It Forward Grant is funded by The Forward Foundation, which partners with compassionate individuals like Mr. Lally to support like-minded missions for human equality. The Forward Foundation is proud to support the STREEC program as it works to educate and empower the next generation of engineers.

Pastor Valley Teaches Solar Energy to Group in Eswatini - Photograph
Solar Training and Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship Centre Moving Power Grid to Eswatini - Photograph