Pay It Forward Grant: The Kaizen Foundation

The Forward Foundation is proud to award The Pay It Forward Grant to The Kaizen Foundation on behalf of Black American Engineering Scholarship Award mentor Jacques Smith.

Jacques Smith Mentor - Photograph

Jacques donates his time and talent as a mentor to The Forward Foundation’s Black American Engineering Scholarship Award. This program combines scholarship with mentorship to increase racial equity in the field of engineering by funding students with scholarships and providing them with professional mentors to assist them in their challenging university programs.
The Pay It Forward Mentorship Grant was created to show gratitude for individuals like Mr. Smith who donate their time as mentors. At the close of the school year, each mentor is awarded a $2,500 grant from the Forward Foundation and is provided with the opportunity to direct the grant in their name to a public charity or educational institution of their choice.

The Kaizen Foundation (TKF) is a nonprofit organization committed to advancing financial literacy and upward mobility in underserved communities. TKF supports the financial education efforts of its partners and affiliates, bringing together the financial literacy community to foster cooperation and collaboration. TKF also raises the importance of financial literacy and the importance of effective financial education.
As President of the TKF Board of Directors, Jacques Smith is instrumental in advancing the foundation’s goal of improving upward mobility in underserved communities by providing access to resources that empower and create positive influences on a community’s collective mindset toward change in pursuit of economic success. The Pay It Forward Grant is funded by The Forward Foundation, which partners with compassionate individuals to support like-minded missions for human equality and domestic empowerment.
The Forward Foundation is proud to donate to such an important mission and, together with Mr. Smith, is happy to support The Kaizen Foundation’s goal of advancing financial literacy and upward mobility in North Carolina and beyond.