Lemasters Coat Drive

Lemasters Coat Drive with two children smiling in front of large pile of coats - Photograph

Photo: Lemasters Coat Drive (coatdrive.org/about)

In 2009, Poul Lemasters and his kids decided to make a simple choice. That year, as part of their Christmas, they bought a handful of new coats and donated them. The thought was simple – give a little instead of just receiving.  The process was even easier – just buy a few new coats. It was meant to be a single act to help show kids the good things people can do.

The next year something happened.  Poul’s kids asked if they were donating coats again. “Of course we are!” Poul said. But then, they asked if they could do more.  Since then, the Lemasters Family has tried to “give a little more” each and every year, thanks to community partners and generous donations.

In 2021, the Foward Foundation proudly awarded Lemasters Coat Drive with a $5,000 grant. The grant will fund brand new, warm coats, which will be donated to schools in Ohio, Kentucky, and Virginia, as well as St. Vincent de Paul in Cincinnati.

According to Lemasters Coat Drive, a new coat normally costs around $30. However, thanks to their ongoing partnership with Operation Warm, the organization gets their coats for about half the price. Thanks to the Forward Foundation grant, more than 330 coats will be keeping children and families warm this winter. This donation is in addition to the 400+ coats the Lemasters Coat Drive purchases on average each year, creating a powerful positive impact throughout Ohio, Kentucky and Virginia.

To learn more about the coat drive and donate to help families stay warm this winter, visit the Lemasters Coat Drive website by clicking here.

Lemasters Coat Drive Children smiling together with coats on - Photograph

Photo: Lemasters Coat Drive (coatdrive.org/about)